Monday, August 30, 2010

thin lines.

So I'm back, BUT with an important message. So I get the whole " I like a boy" scenario. Been there, done that. What I do want to emphasize is the word 'NO'. Yes ladies this can be challenging when you desperately like someone, or that you're so desperate you'll do anything for the attention. Say NO. It's really not hard...I say it everyday. NO! Say it with me ladies. NO! Now don't you feel better? I thought so. I know there are tons of temptations for girls to fall into the trap of "Baby send me a picture". It's like the infamous line our mothers tell us. "If you love me you'll have sex with me." Ha! It's the exact same thing, just in another form. Gentlemen, you're not SLICK. We know what you're doing, but our feminine instincts cause us to think that maybe just maybe he'll like us more if we press the 'send' button. I know sucks right?! Ladies, if a guy asks you for a picture and you don't want to send it...say NO! Of course in a reasonable fashion. Unless you truly trust the guy...which I highly doubt, but if you do feel free to send the picture. If you don't just don't send it. It's easy as 1,2,3.Our bodies are too precious for every guy to explore...even if it is "just a picture". Ladies, let's keep in classy mmkay?

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