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Monday, November 22, 2010

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Monday, August 30, 2010

high school.

alright let's talk about this subject in each section of the four years of high school.

imagine a world where you walk on a campus and you have NO idea where you're going. You walk into the wrong class filled with tons of elders.
OH SH*T. Oh it gets better...the sophomore you've had you're eye on since elementary school is in that class. You try not to blush but you end up hitting the door on your way out. clumsy. You think all your teachers hate you. You have some friends to sit with a lunch, but you'd never dare to step outside of the box because that doesn't happen in high school. You painfully get through all of your classes, and you go home. Parents filled with tons of questions like "how was the first day?" "did you meet anyone new?" Your answer: nope! You try to sound happy but you know it's gonna be the same the next day...and probably the next. You think life sucks. Upperclassmen boss you around. You don't like it, but talk out of line once...oh it's over. Months go gets better. You aren't as scared. Some elders know who you are. The year ends well. Did it suck? A little.

second year. still the underdog, yet it's not as bad. okay you can do this. walk on campus feeling like you're on top of the world. You see the freshman. You laugh. You know it's only been what two months since you were in their position, but you still think your better. You can now navigate your way through the buildings. You know where to sit at lunch. Life is good right? Hmm...but who's that person...oh wait it's that now junior who you ran into freshman year. You glance. they glance. It's awkward, but you're glad to have caught their eye. It continues, but no words are ever exchanged. Sad life. Well at least your grades got better. You finish your sophomore year off great, but you still haven't gotten one word of conversation in...

oh boy. finally the word you've been waiting to hear since freshman year. UPPERCLASSMEN. You rule the school. okay no you don't ha! you're still under the seniors. You love 'em but they gotta GO. Hold on now. Let them have their time. They've been waiting. You can finally walk around school with your eyes closed. It's a great feeling. This year you actually have a chance to become something. Joining clubs, finding new friends...starting to figure out your life goals. everything has gone by so fast. this year is going to one of the best. You walk in and see your friends. You're glad that you have security like that. STOP. who is that? oh god. It's once again that now SENIOR. They walk in...they got 100 times better over the summer. Your heart skips a beat...well tons actually. It's a good feeling, but your now more nervous than ever before. Why? You've looked at them for 3 years now, what's the problem? You can't figure it out. Well you do REALLY well this year (it's all about progression :D ) You feel great. You finally find the courage to talk to this person. You feel super confident, and it shows. SCORE. You're life is pretty awesome huh? You go to prom, and have the best time of your life, and hopefully it's with this person. You end junior year off...and now you're ready to get the hell out right? one more year to go.

BEST YEAR EVER. Especially 2nd semester I hear. Of course I haven't gotten there yet, but when it happens I'll be sure to post that :)
You go to prom again. You get accepted into college! three, four, five colleges. It's awesome. this year OVER? You reach into your closet and grab your cap and gown. You arrive at your school and you look around. You've made it, and in a few hours you'll be an alumni. You look back three years and you see your little freshman self looking confused and you smile. Hell, you grin. maybe even a tear will well up in your eyes. The commencement ceremony starts. You look around and you see all of your classmates. You feel proud. You feel accomplished. You stand up. They call your name and you look out and you see two little faces. One is crying and one looks so very proud. It's your parents. I'll let you decide which one cries. Around them you see your family. It's a great feeling. You shake the hand that gives you your diploma. You finally exhale and lift your hands to the sky. You're almost there. What's a graduation without the tossing of the cap? It's the end. You are pronounced the class of [enter class year here]. You lift that sucker off your head and throw it into the air! You've made it! Congrats. Bye high school and helloooo graduation money!

Get ready for college.

thin lines.

So I'm back, BUT with an important message. So I get the whole " I like a boy" scenario. Been there, done that. What I do want to emphasize is the word 'NO'. Yes ladies this can be challenging when you desperately like someone, or that you're so desperate you'll do anything for the attention. Say NO. It's really not hard...I say it everyday. NO! Say it with me ladies. NO! Now don't you feel better? I thought so. I know there are tons of temptations for girls to fall into the trap of "Baby send me a picture". It's like the infamous line our mothers tell us. "If you love me you'll have sex with me." Ha! It's the exact same thing, just in another form. Gentlemen, you're not SLICK. We know what you're doing, but our feminine instincts cause us to think that maybe just maybe he'll like us more if we press the 'send' button. I know sucks right?! Ladies, if a guy asks you for a picture and you don't want to send it...say NO! Of course in a reasonable fashion. Unless you truly trust the guy...which I highly doubt, but if you do feel free to send the picture. If you don't just don't send it. It's easy as 1,2,3.Our bodies are too precious for every guy to explore...even if it is "just a picture". Ladies, let's keep in classy mmkay?